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  1. A long time coming

    For a very long time now, I have put effort into dogfooding. Back when I first started working at ARM in 2005, all available ARM platforms you might even consider using for normal computing were ridiculously expensive. But finally, in 2008, something changed.


    The BeagleBoard was the first fundamental …

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  2. Turn the page

    On a long and lonesome highway... Err, nevermind.

    Anyway, after nearly 12 and a half years, Friday 11 May 2018 will be my last day at ARM. I'm not going very far - after a short break I will be joining Linaro as a full time employee on 21 May.

    I …

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  3. Fun and games with gnu-efi

    gnu-efi is a set of scripts, libraries, header files and code examples to make it possible to write applications and drivers for the UEFI environment directly from your POSIX world. It supports i386, Ia64, X64, ARM and AArch64 targets ... but it would be dishonest to say it is beginner friendly …

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  4. Another new blog...

    Well, I guess it's that time again. Much as I liked blosxom, it's not really maintained anymore, and the plugin architecture is ... archaic ... to say the least. So last year I started looking into pelican and found it would simplify my life a bit ... and then I started trying to …

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  5. QEMU USB host device pass-through

    Speeding up UEFI driver development

    While working on the ChaosKey UEFI driver, I once again found myself in a situation of tedium: how to simplify driver development when the target for my device driver is firmware. Moving around a USB key with a FAT filesystem may be a completely valid …

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  6. UEFI Driver Development - Part 1

    One of the key features of UEFI is that the specification and the APIs/ABIs it guarantees provides the ability to produce portable applications, drivers and libraries (in the form of protocols). On the simpler side, by letting you compile the driver once for each architecture - and on the more …

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  7. Opening up UEFI platform support

    As some of you may know, one of the main points I have been pushing for over the past couple of years has been the availability of reference code for real platforms. Given that historically, firmware source code has simply not been available for UEFI-based computers, resolving this has been …

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